Best Luxury Finds

Digital Wardrobe: Best luxury finds of the week (9/15/2020)

Need every single one 3 minutes

The first digital closet roundup has arrived guys. In this debut edition, I have selected some of my favorite drops of the week from SSense, Lane Crawford, LN-CC, and 24S. I was feeling a bit eccentric and found myself favoring everything from crazy tiger crazy prints to oversized shoulder bags that you can fit a house in.

I also tried to mix some of my favorite big brands such as Jil Sander with some up-and-coming Japanese juggernauts like Sulvam. The latter being a young brand whose new collection is so decadent that I had to stop myself from buying every single item.

Without further ado here are this week’s digital closet selections. All items are immeditely available for purchase from our partner retailers. But don’t wait, they are so good they won’t be here for long ;)

$785 Buy on 24S

Dries Van Noten Tiger Printed Jeans

Ok there is literally a tiger on the crotch of these pants and I am in loveeeeeee. Dries van Noten is an absolute genius, the attention to detail here is extraordinary. I like how surreal yet realistic the tiger print on these jeans is. If you turn them around I like how it gives you a view into the forest of the tiger, continuing the story line. Dries, you did it again.

$845 Buy on LN-CC

Bottega Veneta Tire Boots in Black

These Bottega boots breath life! I love the wavey detailing on the side of the sole. The deep brown color is also quite alluring and allows this boot to be very versatile with many outfit possibilities. Also, what about the height on these soles?? There are at least 3 additional inches of pure love to be added to your look with these boots.

$895 Buy on Lane Crawford

3.1 Phillip Lim Check Hood

Super elegant and sporty. I like how this trench coat gives you the sophisticated vibes yet sucker punches you with modernity. What else could you expect from Phillip Lim? He is one of the few designers that is able to easily refresh iconic wardrobe staples with fresh new life. Tokyo in the rain anyone?

$350 Buy on LN-CC

Eytys Halo Leather Sneakers in Black

What are thossseeeeeee!?!? I need them, I want them. They are a literal geometric dream. They are goth high fashion. They are going to be on my feet quite soon.

Eyty’s, you are doing amazing sweetieeeeee :)

$920 Buy on SSENSE

Sulvam Black Garbadine Classic Jacket

Sulvam is the hot brand of the moment. In 1 literal week I have seen this brand go from rather unknown to being featured in some of the world’s best stockits. I am impressed with how elegant this jacket is. The craftsmanship and wearability of this piece is unparelled. I love the cut on the square and how they left little pieces of uncut-fabric throughout the seams. Just beautiful.

$6250 Buy on SSENSE

Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Maxi BV Jodie Bag

Now you all know just how much I love Bottega Veneta. They are a brand other brands need to respect. Why? Because they do it right. Just look at this bag. It looks like a literal sculpture, a work of art. This bag will make you look like a chic Parisian art curator who has just been commissioned king of the world!

$1650 Buy on SSENSE

Jil Sander Grey Wool Pin Sweater

I am really in the moods for sweaters this week. But more importantly, interesting knitwear with weird cuts and buttons. This is why I chose this gorgeous Jil Sander piece, because of this weird cut on atop the front and back. It seems very playful to me, like those little swiss children who were always jumping around and eating lollies in 50’s films. Also, the single metal oval button is really cool.

$765 Buy on 24S

Valentino Garavani VLTN Sneakers in Neon Green

The are super fun. I am a big sucker for anything Neon. But even more so when it is combined with the color black. Mainly because black helps tone down the Neon while giving it contrast. A perfect example being these Valentino’s.

These would be perfect with an all black outfit so the green accents and studs really pop.

$685 Buy on ssense

We11done Pink Metal Detail Cardigan


$1165 Buy on SSENSE

We11done Maxi Logo Messenger Bag

Ok, so who is this brand and why are they so amazing!?!? Had to pick them back to back in this story because they are just too good.

This bag is so dreamy, I really like this almost metallic/rainbow logo motif across the body. Definately getting this.