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All eyes on Bottega Veneta

The 14 best summer Bottega pieces you need in your closet now 6 minutes

Bottega Veneta is a brand that is very near to my heart because it was where I held my first fashion job ever, in visual merchandising. I had the pleasure of working for this luxury giant in 2013/14 under the leadership of the extraordinary designer, Thomas Maier. Thomas helped take this brand from the pits of debt and obscurity to $1B in sales by 2012. What Maier perfected was Bottega’s air of “stealth luxury”, logo-less bags and products that were meant to contrast the maximalist theme that runs rampant in the fashion industry.

left: Model wears Bottega backstage (Sonny Shots)/ Middle: Bottega men's bag on street/ right: Model wearing Bottega Backstage (Sonny Shots)

The results were stellar and consumers around the world began to shy away from logo-heavy products in favor of Bottega’s noted intrecciato weaving methods. Basically, the majority of their products are weaved in cross-sections and it’s how everyone in the industry knows them. No logo here. This is pretty uncommon in the world of luxury fashion and is what makes this brand so special. How they can express luxury and individuality without sacrificing their essence to be like the rest. When you wear a Bottega product, the people who know know and it puts you in the fashion insider’s boat immediately.

left: Bottega Veneta men's runway ss21/ middle: Bottega Veneta men's bag/ right: Bottega Veneta men's runway ss21

This year the appointment of wunderkind designer, Daniel Lee, helped create a resurge in the demand for Bottega products. The truth is the campaigns and design’s that Lee came with were fire. Everywhere Bottega fan led insta accounts began popping up showing reverence to the brand. The most popular being: NewBottega which has amassed 300K followers in less than 1 year.

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Now that you have a little taste for the Bottega back story, it is time to introduce some of my favorite products you can buy now. I included the best of everything from accessories to ready to wear pieces. You definitely won’t be disappointed.

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1. Bottega Veneta Black & Blue Lace Speed Sneakers

These are so damn cool. I have been getting super bored with sneaker designs recently because they all just look the same. This elegant blue knot weaving technique elevates this shoe to another level. I have not seen this type of detailing on any wearable shoe recently. I am not at all surprised that Bottega was able to craft such an impeccably simple yet fascinating sneaker.

$1,415 Buy on SSENSE

2. Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Creased-Leather Messenger Bag

This piece is a marvelous example of the Bottega craftsmanship. Here they used a technique called ‘Maxi Intrecciato’, where they are able to weave thick bands of black leather into a gorgeous bag. The use of shiny and gently creased leather adds to the appeal of this bad boy. I would use this as my everyday bag. So greedy.

$340 Buy on LN-CC

3. Bottega Veneta Mask Sunglasses in Black

So usually these types of racer frames remind me of some old grandpa trying to be cool, but in this case, I am feeling the vibe. Bottega was able to make their version very modern and sleek. The edges of these frames curve like that of a shiny new sports car. I also like the reflective lenses, so your haters can stare back at themselves with envy.

$1,250 Buy on SSENSE

4. Bottega Veneta Brown Leather Chelesea Boots

These boots are life! The color, material, and pink translucent soles all balance each other perfectly. This is exactly where you can see the Bottega craftsmanship shine. Just look that the shape of the soles on these boots, I bet you have never seen a pair like these! I feel like they come with a hand-controlled remote which launches its wearer into the earth’s stratosphere. Definitely one of the most coveted shoes of the season.

$2,800 Buy on SSENSE

5. Bottega Veneta Padded Cassette Shoulder Bag

Padded love is what I see, padded love comes to me. This Bottega bag has girlish shrieks of joy awakening in me. I want to put my hand in there already, feel that delicious satin lining and watch passerby’s gawk in jealously over this masterpiece. The nude beige tone makes it look so luxurious while the triangle accent on the strap puts the final greedy touch. Someone needs to buy this asap!

$1,950 Buy on

6. Bottega Veneta Indigo Denim Laminated Jacket

The material on this Bottega Jacket is everything. So sleek, it looks like the fashion gods crushed up diamonds and gently stirred them into a pot of 100% pure Qatari oil, only to then precisely enmold it into this gorgeous denim jacket. I feel like I would be glowing in the light while wearing this piece. If you look closely you can see the hand stitching all around the jacket; what a dream.

$440 Buy on SSENSE

7. Bottega Veneta Gold-Toned Ring

I have been wanting to get into jewelry and rings recently. A simple yet classy gold ring is on the top of my to-buy list. If I were to pull the trigger on this purchase then this Bottega Veneta gold ring is exactly the piece I would buy. The square shape is gorgeous, I love how it looks to have width and weight. I like jewelry with weight because it makes me feel like my purchase is valuable. Would love to get lost in its golden reflection.

$1,015 Buy on Farfetch

8. Bottega Veneta Monkey Pineapple Print Shirt

I like this shirt because of it’s weird vibes. A monkey and a pineapple make absolutely no sense but at the same time, I want it so bad. It’s simple, clean, and form-fitting. The dark wine-red is also quite luxurious. I would use this as a casual Sunday stroll shirt.

$2,770 Buy on

9. Bottega Veneta Matte Medium Backpack

While Bottega is well known for it’s intrecciato weaving pattern on most products, this is one of the first I see that goes 100% clean and simple. Made with genuine matted calfskin leather, this bag has curves for days. I really like the shiny black zippers and padding effect which makes it look super voluptuous. I am a big backpack fan so this is definitely on my most wanted list.

10. Bottega Veneta Gold & Silver Bracelet

Wow, just wow. I need this bracelet in my life. The design is so intricate and the yin yan effect of the gold and silver is a lovely touch. The bar that is used as a clip is such a simple way to close and open this piece. I feel like this also would shine so well in the light. If you want to look and feel like a million bucks, put this on your wrist.

$1,750 Buy on Luisa Via Roma

11. Bottega Veneta Intreccio Knit Cashmere Crewneck Sweater

The cuts and slits on this sweater make it very daring and sexy. Show a little shoulder or hide it away, the versatility leaves it up to you. I like the over-sized fit and the bright orange hue. I also like how they styled it with leather shorts in the shots above, that really is the best way to wear this because it puts emphasis on the sizing and flow of the piece.

$2,075 Buy on Bottega Veneta

12. Bottega Veneta 'The Padded Backpack'

This bag looks like cloud dreams. I love how plush yet light it looks. How Bottega expressed their intrecciato stamp on this piece is also mesmerizing. It looks like all the knots are perfectly interconnected. I usually do not like bigger bags, but this one is so cool that I cannot deny it. It looks like a high-end camping bag like you can pack your entire chic house into it. Also, let’s not forget about this gorgeous color! One word, breathtaking.

$845 Buy on SSENSE

13. Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Leather Loafers

The Bottega loafersssssss!!!!! I squealed like a 14-year-old girl when I saw these. They are so charming and chic. It looks like a pair of hand-sewn loafers that you would buy on a tropical island somewhere. That’s what makes this brand so remarkable, its focus on craftsmanship. I would buy these in any and all colors available.

14. Bottega Veneta Leather Mini Belt Bag

This bum bag is just “dream vibes”. Look at that design, the semi rectangular-oval it is so visually interesting. I haven’t seen or felt this way about a bag in a while. So nice.