Summer Edit: Seaside Dreaming with French Luxury Brand Jacquemus

A selection of our favorite Greedyboy finds from French luxury brand, Jacquemus 6 minutes

In this edition of our new ‘Greedyboy Summer Edit’ we are going all in on French luxury designer, Jacquemus. To say that his rise in the fashion circuit has been meteoric would be a bit of an understatement. At just the tender age of 20 years old, Jacquemus rose to the occasion and launched his eponymous brand out of of his apartment in Paris. Fast forward ten years and the Jacquemus label has become a bonafide global sensation posting $25 Million in revenue at the end of 2019 with hundreds of high-end stockist worldwide.

Having launched his first menswear debut in 2018, Jacquemus has quickly soared to the top of the fashion stratosphere with sold out collaborations and releases across everyone from Matches Fashion to SSense. His brand is also a go to for the most stylish male editors, models, influencers, and bad ass Greedyboys alike.

For his Spring/Summer 2020 collection, Jacquemus takes us back to his sunny sea-side town of Marseille, France. The design theme is a take on his youthful and colorful childhood days running around this beautiful city. He is a designer that really takes the elements and the world around when designing collections. So you will be sure to see many beautiful sun and cloud motifs as well as an array of light romantic oranges, pinks and greens. If you want to buy into a designer that makes clothes that will have you smiling and giddy then this is the guy for you. I personally think that we should embrace the fun and laid back aspect of summer even if we are stuck at home during this global quarantine.

Bring some color to your outfits in order to brighten up that next Zoom party with your friends or make the lives of your family around you that much happier through the visual power of fashion. Jacquemus is the perfect designer to help you do just this.

Now let’s get straight into some of my favorite picks from Jacquemus’ latest Spring/Summer 2020 collection. I tried to mix it up and give a range between his best accessories and outerwear. Overall, I loved his use of motifs and imagery to represent the natural elements that come along with the summer season, aka sun’s and clouds and freshly cut grass. All this visual inspiration cues that transport you straight into the summer.

In no particular order since I essentially would buy most of the collection. Below gentleman and gentleman, I present to you Jacquemus.

$336 Buy on Jacquemus

1. Jacquemus Le Lunettes Soleil in Blue

I normally do not wear many sunglasses because I have yet to dive in and figure out the best frame shapes for my head type (AKA I got a big ol’ head). But, if I were to be a sun-glass aficionado, I would definitely wear these space man Jacquemus frames. The color, shape, and style complement a fashionable man of the future. Also, would be quite nice to spend my days looking through these dreamy light pink lenses. Would make the world even sweeter.

$390 Buy on SSENSE

2. Jacquemus White & Blue 'La Chemise Peinture' Shirt

The lines on this shirt are made to replicate the light brush strokes of an artist at work. I love the conceptual nature of the garment because on one side it looks like my little brother could have painted these lines and on the other it seems very crisp and effortless. The blue tone they used definitely stands out. I would match this with a pair of white pants or shorts and pair it with brown leather strapped sandals. 2

$257 Buy on Farfetch

3. Jacquemus Fishnet Shopping Bag

This is such a dramatic piece. And I love Jacquemus for it. The entire inspiration for his Summer 2020 collection was his youthful seaside times in his native ocean city of Marseille, France. So the fishnet cross-body bag definitely brings these beachy vibes to mind. Apart from it’s quirkiness, it is also an ethical fashion statement that you could actually take to the market and fill up with natural goodies. You will be the envy of all of Trader Joe’s.

$380 Buy on MR PORTER

4. Jacquemus Sunny Orange Cotton Poplin Shirt

This shirt is also supposed to transport you to the sunny beaches of Marseille. Where Jacquemus himself used to run around and catch dragonflies and sew baskets and eat bread and all those charming small town things the French love. The orange color of this shirt is such a nice tone. Some retailers claim these are flower motifs but they remind me of the sun, like a child drew it. The boxy shape of the piece also makes it quite spacey and roomy to move around in.

$216 Buy on SSENSE

5. Jacquemus 'Purple La Chemise Henri' Shirt

This is essentially the most Spring/Summer vibes you can get in a design. A beautiful hand drawn flower printed a-top a gorgeous light lavender tone. I would wear this with dark blue jeans to allow the shirt to pop. It is also called the Henri shirt so seeing that my name is Henrry (Yes, with 2-r’s), I am loving it. Also, yes that is the designer, Jacquemus, on the last image sporting this same piece :)

$218 Buy on CETTIRE

6. Jacquemus 'Le Pitchou' Round Wallet in Green

Do you remember when you would go on vacation and see all the 50 year old dads wearing these velcro neck cases where they held all their families’ most valuable possessions? This wallet is essentially a modern day remix of the 90’s dad tourist kit. Back then I wouldn’t be caught dead with one of these but fast forward 20 plus years and I definitely see the value. Convenience, get to everything fairly quickly without scrambling through your pocket. Plus, it is a really cool color and shape so that’s cool.

$304 Buy on CETTIRE

7. Jacquemus 'Henri Botanical' Shirt

This shirt literally looks like a painting. I feel like onlookers would get lost just staring at your shirt and trying to decipher the work of an artist. Some elements feel almost 3D, like the chair on the back which tempts you to try and take a seat. Or the lemons on the front which look so sweet and tart that you automatically start making that face. Mix all this realism with the perfect romantic hue tones of the shirt and you have an instant winner.

$305 Buy on SSENSE

8. Jacquemus 'Le Cordon Swarovski'

I love the sparkle and elegance that this accessory will add to any look. These a literal sparkling Swarovski crystals dangling by your face. There is little more dramatic and cool as this. It being an interchangeable piece means that you will be able to use all your favorite bucket hats with it. Get your shine on boy.

$353 Buy on CETTIRE

9. Jacquemus 'Le Pull Soleil' Sweater

First off I love these colors. It reminds me of a sweet Ice-cream cone on a hot summers day. Gradients for summer always make everything feel so fun. The 100% cotton material will also feel much more comfy and cool on those summer nights. I love the neck of the sweater as well, it reveals just enough skin, so don’t be afraid to show off that beach body collar bone.

$111 Buy on SSENSE

10. Jacquemus Blue Flower 'Le Caleçon' Boxers

OK, so about 10 minutes into preparing this product for upload I thought these were super mini swim trunks. And while in that case they would have been amazing, they actually turned out to be boxer shorts. I personally will be using them to jump in the pool. Try and stop me.

$678 Buy on Jacquemus

11. Jacquemus 'Le Blouson Valensole'

I want to rub the side of my face on this so bad. I can just tell the material is super soft and luxe and needs to be on my body right now. I would pair this with some tight black jeans to make the jacket look more over-sized. This color is just gorgeous, people will be able to tell you have some taste, and class, and elegance.

Also, check out the man himself Jacquemus below. A genius that’s also not too bad on the eyes ;)

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