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Balmain Unveils New Basketball Sneaker Design

I don't even play basketball but let's pretend 1 minute

Basketball is not usually a word that slips out of my mouth during any conversation. I am probably one of the few 6ft2 black men in the world that couldn’t care less about the sport. The truth is that not all of us were born to dunk, but I was definitely born to wear these sick Balmain hightops.

Balmain really hit it out of the park with these futuristic b-ball sneakers. For once I feel like a luxury house has really thought out the sneaker design process. Usually, big expensive brands rely more on their cache name to sell a simple sneaker that looks just like anything out of Nike’s arsenal. However, in this case, Balmain really went to the drawing board and pulled out some madly creative sneakers.

New Balmain high-top basketball sneakers
Balmain High Top Sneakers on table

First of all, I love the height. It feels like having them on your feet would add 2 extra inches to your stature which is never a bad thing. I also think the leather on these look ultra-luxurious, and the tone combination between grey and sandy nude gives it an elegant yet sporty feel. Oh and the clear strap, even though a bit young looking, also looks feels cool with the Balmain logo imprinted atop.

3 different angles of the new Balmain Basketball sneakers 2020

These futuristic b-ball sneakers are now available for purchase for $822. Get your hands on them before they are gone.

$822 Buy on Farfetch

Balmain Basketball Sneakers 2020

Need to learn how to play basketball? Or should I just pretend? Either way, these shoes are destined to be on my feet.