Trend Alert: Bum Bag Obsession.

The must have accessory of the summer 8 minutes

Ok, so how many guys out there are tired of constantly having your pockets filled to the brim when you leave your house? If you are anything like me, you’re definitely carrying a wide array of accessories and personal care items on the go everyday. Wallets, phones, notebooks, harpoons, fragrance, keys and everything in between make your pockets look like your constantly happy to see someone.

And while that might not be the worst of things for your potential lover, it is not the most comfortable position you could find yourself in on a commute to work or park trek with friends. Do you know just how annoying it is to scramble in your pockets for money or keys only to find yourself pulling out yesterdays leftovers and an expired Amazon gift card?

Man's pockets overflow with personal belongings. Metro card, keys, earphones and more.
Very unstylish man has pockets exploding with junk and then wonders why he can't find a girlfriend.

Well the time for change has come gentleman. It is time to put away the macho-centricity and embrace the ultimate everyday accessory, the belt bag. These are not the lame fanny packs from your father’s 90’s heyday lugging your lazy 7 year-old self around a tourist packed Disney. These are not like the ones your uncle Bob would pack with menthols and half drunken miniature bottles of malt liquor while complaining your aunt Sheryl left him again.

These are sleek, ultra functional, high fashion gifts that have descended from the heavens to make our lives that much more comfortable and easy everyday. Every where you look you will see another celebrity or model strolling down the streets and runway with belt bags in every shape, material, and color possible.

left: Jaden Smith wears Supreme belt bag / middle: Hermes SS/2020 belt bag / right: Asap Rocky wears Balenciaga belt bag in NYC

Below are some of my favorite choices for this seasons most delectable and need worthy belt bags. Some outstanding brand shutouts must go to Loewe and Valentino for their outstanding belt bag craftsmanship. Check out our selections.

$1,045 Buy on Farfetch

Valentino Garavani VLTN Orange Leather Belt Bag

Skittles. This color reminds me of orange Skittles and I am totally digging it. There is no way in Hell that you will not get noticed while wearing this bum bag. But in a good way of course, because the shape of this bag is terrific and the leather looks and feels super sleek. Valentino was playing no games here.

$971 Buy on LN-CC

Saint Laurent Logo Monogram Belt Bag

This bag looks like liquid black gold. Completely sleek and completely chic. Since it goes with practically everything I would wear this bag several times a week. Love the shiny silver zipper and large YSL logo across the front. This piece is 100% leather and the inside lining is 100% cotton. Couldn’t expect anything less from Saint Laurent.

$1800 Buy on MR.PORTER

Loewe Gate Large Leather and Suede Belt Bag

This bag is simply beautiful. This is for when you are feeling like a pretty/fancy boy. The leather bow-tie on the front makes it look like you are carrying a Christmas package around your waist. And you are really, a package full of your most needed essentials to take on the day. Also, if you are not familiar with Loewe, it is an amazing luxury brand founded in Spain who is headed by fashion wunderkind JW Anderson. This is a very desired piece so you probably won’t be able to find it available in many places. It’s actually already sold out but they have the tan version as well! I included it in the last pic.

$863 Buy on MYTHERESA

Alexander McQueen Harness Belt Bag

This is an interesting piece because of it’s functionality. First, it is over-sized, meaning you can fit a lot of more personal items on those days you need to be carrying your house around with you. Second, it is a combination harness/belt bag, essentially allowing you to wear it across your body or on your waist. The bag also has Alexander McQueen’s signature lust red logo across the zipper which is pretty dope.

$808 Buy on MYTHERESA

Dries Van Noten Leather Shoulder Bag

I love love love Dries Van Noten. He is easily one of my top 5 favorite fashion designers. Have you guys checked out either of his documentaries? Seriously a beautiful life led by a beautiful person. This bag is so classy it is sickening. Unlike most belt bags which tend to be sporty, this piece can be worn on an upscale excursion or day out on the town. This is a true luxury leather piece.

$660 Buy on Farfetch

Dolce & Gabbana

How do you spell Gabbana???? (Insert Andrea Sachs Reference here). Literally looks on the level of quality you would expect for a premium leather back pack from D&G. I love the the yellow detailing, and grainy paneled leather. Also check out the pic where the model holds it with one hand, absolutely breathtaking. The other side is color-blocked and it might be a tad big for some tastes so check out more of the pics on Farfetch to confirm that you wanna take this bad boy home.

$862 Buy on MYTHERESA

Valentino Garavani Camouflage Belt Bag

I am fan of colored camo till the end. Of course with a sense of taste and elegance. If you ain’t fighting a war or hunting some deer than camo shouldn’t compose 90% of your wardrobe. However, in this case Valentino did so good. This blue and black print is very sleek. And the shiny silver zipper gives it that luxe vibe. This is your big boy big city camo.

$750 Buy on MR PORTER

Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Leather Belt Bag

Bottega Veneta was actually the first luxury label I interned for so it very close to my heart. Their signature intrecciato weaving technique has essentially become their logo and stand out accent. This simple aesthetic has a made Bottega a fan favorite among shoppers trying to be less logo driven and showy. This piece is as beautiful and simplistic as it is functional. Go get yourself some Bottega Veneta pieces, or as my technical co-founder Joshua says, “Bottega Ventana bags” ;)

$392 Buy on LN-CC

Marni Hackney Belt Bag in Brown

Marni be coming outta the future and into the future with most of their collections. And this bag is no exception. This contemporary ready-to-wear lable has a knack for creating modern and aesthetically pleasing products that will stand the test of time. I love the brown, dark brown and grey color blocking. And the bag is also made out of a Nylon sheen material that looks super yummy to feel.

$700 Buy on MR PORTER

Maison Margiela Belt Bag

This is like your “cyborg future apocalyptic Fox Searchlight pictures” belt bag. I can see Will Smith or Samuel L. Jackson sporting this and pulling out weapon after weapon during an intense fight scene. I normally go for smaller belt bags and accessories but this bag seems like it would be fun to carry around. I could put a book in it, an Ipad, a camera, some lunch, 2 changes of clothes, and hopefully a bottle of wine.

$1250 Buy on Farfetch

Balenciaga Everyday Logo Belt Bag

This is literally an iconic fanny pack shape. For some reason I get baseball vibes from this. But like chic baseball, something Alex Rodriguez would sport on a trip to WholeFoods. I can tell just from the picture that this leather is ultra high quality. I also love the cartoon-like effect they used for the Balenciaga font.

$655 Buy on MR PORTER

Off-White Yellow Neon Shell Belt Bag

A little pop of color is a valued asset to any outfit. I love the neon yellow tone of this Off-White Belt bag. And while compact, will easily hold all of your everyday expedition essentials. I really like the sporty feel of this, because honestly I go for more of the luxe high-end contemporary vibes at time. I can use this bag on my way to see a sports match or hanging in a park with friends (Post-Quarantine of course).

$910 Buy on MR PORTER

Burberry Leather-Trimmed ECONYL Chest Rig

OK so I have really been diggin these harness belt bags. The fact that I can potentially improve my posture all whilst securely carrying my essentials seems like a win-win to me. Who knew you could use a luxury good as a medical device? Another cool feature is Burberry’s use of ECONYL technology, essentially fabric produced from re-purposed fish nets, fabric scraps and industrial plastic. Why not look good and help save the world all at once? Thanks Burberry!

$666 Buy on Farfetch

Juun.J Module Collection Leather Belt Bag

You can never go wrong with Japanese design. They just know how to make simplicity stand out amongst the crowd. I love that this Juun.J piece features 3 separate compartments and this beautiful gold lettering. You can use one pocket for your phone, one for you money, and one for a sandwich. Oh the possibilities!

$1,070 Buy on Browns

Gucci Logo Print Leather Belt Bag

I love the use of Gucci signature stripes and colors on this bag. When I was a teen I remember family and friends who would sport Gucci and I was always enamored by this branding. As the years went on Gucci got a bit more eccentric due to the fantasy filled vision of creative director Alessandro Michele. And while I love the new Gucci, this 80’s take on the Gucci logo and branding really takes me back. I would love to have this piece. Send it over Gucci!

$540 Buy on Farfetch

Guidi Zipped Belt Bag

Guidi just does it right. Just look at this yellow beauty with it’s soft suede and vibrant zippering. They have exceptional leather artisans making every piece in Italy and the U.S. And in recent years this brand has seen a revival in both it’s iconic product design and popularity. Everyone seems to want a piece of Guidi and I am no exception. I’m definitely doing a Guidi story soon so stay tuned.

$347 Buy on MCM

MCM Fursten Belt Bag in Visetos

MCM is a classic luxe streetwear brand. If you have traveled to basically anywhere in Asia then you have seen loads of MCM afficionados sporting this brand from head to toe. The materials used in every MCM are super high quality. But also just look at this color scheme they use on the bag. It is called their Visetos pattern and it is absolutely gorgeous.

$1250 Buy on MR PORTER

Balenciaga Arena Creased-Leather Belt Bag

This is original fanny pack vibes. If I could imagine an iconic bum bag design from the 80’s/90’s then this would be it. Balenciaga surely brings nostalgia back with this. Also the way that Mr. Porter styles this, with a big sweater turtle neck, is exactly vibes. I could see my parents wearing this walking through a NYC blizzard. This bag is feels. This bag is needed. Buy it! Hurry! PS: