Dreaming of Rolex. 15 pieces we need in 2020

All the Rolex's your little greedy heart could desire 6 minutes

Hands down I must admit that Rolex’s creates some of the most enviable time-pieces around. A Rolex is a status symbol, a “yeah i’m climbing, so watch out” kinda watch. The brand has a knack for creating pieces that stand the test of time and are coveted by collectors world-wide. They hold a strong re-sell value and can be held on to for years and passed down to generations without ever losing their prestige or elegance.

left: Rolex Yachtmaster in steel/ middle: Rolex Datejust covered in diamonds/ right: Rolex Oyster Perpetual in gold

I personally am obsessed with vintage Rolex’s because I feel the designs were more varied back in the day. But in terms of modern day options I am craving any customized Rolex piece designed by Mad-Paris. Call me gaudy, but I often find myself drooling over the full ruby or emerald embossed Rolex pieces that rappers like French Montana and Drake are seen sporting in their local WholeFoods. Casual, you know?

Actor Mark Wahlberg wearing a Rolex Daytona 18K Everose gold watch with multi colored diamonds.
Actor Mark Wahlberg wearing a Rolex Daytona 18K Everose gold watch with multi colored diamonds.

Below I have compiled a list of the top 15 Rolex pieces I would love to buy and you should all buy in 2020. I am going full in on options, from Gold to Silver, from Diamonds to Emeralds. Rounds faces and square, there is a Rolex piece for GreedyBoy on this list.

Rounding out the top 15:

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1. Rolex Daytona Emerald (Mad Paris Custom)

This custom Rolex piece by Mad Paris will have you losing friends left and right. Why? because they will literally be green with envy. The emeralds are so clear and vibrant that you can see that gentle touch of turquoise projecting from within. The sleek black body also means you can wear it with so many clothing pieces, colors and styles. Its a rich bitch piece.

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2. Oyster Perpetual in Stainless Steel with Diamonds

This watch is an “Ice Ice Baby” piece. Super simple and clean. The stainless steel body and white diamonds allow you to complement a wide array of looks and colors. I would go for a full monochrome outfit while wearing this piece. Or why not wear head-to-toe black and watch your wrist become the center of attention.

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3. Yacht Master II in 18K Yellow Gold (Oyster)

This will definitely be the watch I wear on the day that Diddy and JLO finally invite me yachting in Miami. I really like the full body and hefty look of this piece. Heavier pieces for me always look more expensive. And honestly if I am spending almost $40K on a watch then it better look worth it.

4. 18K Rose Gold Cellini Danaos

This Danaos piece is one of Rolex’s early 2000’s models which still hold up in demand today. I love how elegant and classic this watch is. I imagine myself wearing a long trench coat, polished Oxfords, and a dandy hat while walking through 70’s London while wearing this piece.

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5. Milgauss White Dial Stainless Steel Oyster

This is your every-day wear Rolex. I love the orange accents and stainless steel on this piece. It looks expensive-cool. Not pretentious, not trying to show up anyone, just cool. Buy it :)

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6. Milgauss Rainbow 40MM by Mad Paris

Taste the rainbow, feel the rainbow, wear the rainbow. This Mad Paris customization is a limited edition so you won’t find many other GreedyBoys sporting this piece. I personally love colored gemstones and even better when they are surrounding elegant black stainless steel. This is a combination made in GreedyBoy heaven.

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7. Submariner Blue Dial Oyster Watch

This blue, gold and steel combination is very cool. Once again I would consider this an every-day Rolex staple. It is an uncomplicated watch design that looks and feels good. I would probably wear this with a polo since it has a sort of Hamptons vibe for me. Ahhh and throw in some Gucci loafers while you are at it to finalize all-American waspy beach look.

$18,150 Buy on JOMASHOP

8. Grey Jubilee 18K Gold Oyster Perpetual Automatic

It is very rare to see this color face on a Rolex. It looks like the grey is so light it almost crosses into purple. This piece is super elegant and I would love to wear it with a full head-to-toe linen or silk outfit. I think combining it with some soft material and luxurious materials is the best way to compliment this piece.

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9. Rolex White 18K Yellow Gold Daytona 40MM

I get big hedge fund/ money manager vibes from this Rolex Daytona piece. Also, add in a garden, summer home, pool, and martini while we’re at it. This watch screams I am rich and not afraid to let you cry about it. It will surely impress your partner’s parents, your neighbors, and your high school classmates. It’s a status symbol Rolex. I can imagine Badass Bobby AxelRod, from the Netflix series Billions, rocking this piece around his water front-estate. #itsoktoflex

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10. Rolex Black 18K Yellow Gold Stainless Steel Master GMT-Master

This Rolex GMT-Master is pure sophistication. Perfectly balanced with black, gold, and silver accents throughout it’s face, dial and bracelet. You could easily wear this to a formal event or business meeting. I would wear this as an every day watch because it is the perfect accessory for my head-to- toe all black looks I tend to uniform. The production time of this piece was from 1986-87 so note this is a gently used heritage piece. Old world class. Only on Greedyboy (Insert sexy model informercial voice).

$45,271 Buy on Farfetch

11. MAD PARIS Custom Rolex Yacht-Master II Watch

This is a customized Rolex piece by MAD PARIS, an exceptional watch maker in it’s own right. They are all about creating elevated pieces stemming from imagination. Their customization of this Rolex Yacht-Master II is impressive because they essentially gave it a completely new vibe, more dark big city sporty vibes. Black steel and deep red accents give this watch visual depth. I actually featured it’s original pre-custom brother as the #3 choice on this list. So if you missed that then they obviously did a great job!

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12. Rolex Chocolate-Brown Diamond and Ruby Automatic Watch

A watch that looks so delicious I could eat it. Brown chocolate face and strap with ruby red diamonds. It is literally a high end french pastry on your wrist. This Rolex Day Date is decadent, and would be absolutely stunning paired with an all white look. It would just grab all the attention in a room with it’s sleek lines and artisanally hand sewn and bound crocodile leather strap. I would love to wear this piece.

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13. Rolex Day-Date Automatic 18K Yellow Gold President Watch

This is for the rich head of state or African war lord that doesn’t give a shit anymore about the public perception. They have stolen all the nation’s educational and public health funds and they are ready to bling out. Why not drop nearly $70K on half a pound of pure 18K yellow gold, acting as a placeholder for over 100 perfect clarity white diamonds? I think that would hit the spot quite nicely.

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14. Mad Paris Rolex Datejust 36 mm

This piece is rather striking because of the rectangular hidden gemstones around the face. Particular deep blue sapphires which are quite rare to see in most Rolex customizations. I had to take a second look because it’s simplicity makes it easy to overlook but its sophistication makes it impossible to mistaken. Mad Paris really went ahead and killed it. They took an already iconic Rolex design and turned it into a wearable piece of art. Well done my friends.

$10,455 Buy on JOMASHOP

15. Rolex King Midas Quartz Champagne Dial Men's Watch

The Rolex King Midas is forever one of my favorite designs by this brand. This is pure geometric simplicity and opulence at it’s finest. This is pure 18K yellow gold on pure 18K yellow gold. Before I lose my breath let me just remind you how I have always wanted this watch and how it will be one of my first big purchases once you guys start shopping like greedyboys on this site! Even Elvis had one of these bad boys sitting on his wrist (Included picture above for reference ;) ).